Our professional service maintains your home value and beauty

Stucco and Drywall repairs to existing surfaces may come from a variety reasons. From weather and settling to new additions and accidents, these may show up as cracks, dents, or surface imperfections.

They can be unsightly and may become problematic. Water intrusion is usually the biggest issue in stucco. Cracks, holes, and other voids can begin the process of major damage.

Exterior cracks in the stucco can look small on the outside but over time with moisture getting in and the temperatures causing expansion and contraction, they can form pathways that water can seep through. Red Stag Painting can repair the cracks and holes in the exterior stucco and retexture the area so that it blends in with the existing surface texture.

For the interior, where water has stained and sometimes caused severe damaged to the drywall or if a repair is necessary, we can make the correct repairs to areas that need attention. From replacing sheetrock and retexturing to a simple hole repair.

Regular maintenance and a professional paint job can not only protect the surface but can also ensure that your home or office maintains its value and beauty.

Most of the time theses repairs can be made to repair the surface in a suitable fashion. We’ve all seen those “repairs and touchups” that stand out like a spotlight is on them. At Red Stag Painting we take the necessary steps to make sure our repairs and touchups, don’t end up looking like “repairs and touchups”. One thing we do when making repairs is to match the color to the existing tone. Time, even on the interior, can cause fading and using the leftover paint may create areas where the color is different. With our color consultant we can find an appropriate color to use on the area to blend in.

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