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Wrought Iron Fencing and Railings have been used as classic additions to the exterior of homes for decades. After being exposed to the elements wrought iron can become pitted, rusty, oxidized, and in need of painting.

At Red Stag Painting, we know how to prepare wrought iron for painting. We start by covering and protecting the surrounding areas such as windows and plants to keep overspray from getting on them. Then we will sand or use a wire brush to get the surface rust and if necessary we can use products to help ease in the removal of heavy rust, we then will scrape and sand any loose or flaking paint to avoid peeling in the future as well as to provide a clean surface to paint later. Once rust and loose or flaking paint has been removed, a thorough cleaning of the areas that are going to be painted will make sure we have not left any dust or oils behind, we then apply a rust inhibitive prime to areas that have been left bare to the metal. Areas that do not have rust will receive a light sanding to provide a surface for new paint to adhere to. After primer has been applied and has dried we will apply two coats of paint for a fresh new finish.

Even if your wrought iron fencing and railings look good, you may just want to paint them a different color to add a personal touch. Lighter colors will make the wrought iron more visible where as darker colors such as black tend to fade into the landscape. Another look for wrought iron that is gaining popularity is a naturally weathered look, but it does create an issue of rust bleeding onto other surfaces such as patio decks and the side of your home or business. This can be handled by applying a clear coat to seal the metal.

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